My Resume

Katelynn Matragrano

10019 Park Woods Lane Burke, VA 22015  |  |  703-282-0758


University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia

B.A. in History, M.S. in Elementary Education

Projected Graduation Dates: May 2017, May 2018

Skills & Abilities

Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel; Proficient in French; Domain creation, WordPress, Timeline GIS, Digital Archiving


Resident Assistant

University of Mary Washington

fall 2015- Present

-Completed administrative tasks, such as timecards, online forms, article writing for our newsletter, emailed with supervisors daily

-Attended weekly meetings with supervisors to talk about the ins and outs of my building

-Regularly checked in on residents, through one-on-ones and emails

Nanny Springfield, Virginia

June 2015- August 2015

-Planned the day to day activities for a 4 year old and a 7 year old

-Implemented educational lessons into the 8 hour day

Chesterbrook Academy Centreville, Virginia

December 2013- July 2014

-Assisted the lead teacher in planning activities for the classroom

-Led classrooms of 20-25 children at one time

-Supervised and took care of children, ages 6 weeks to 6 years old

Volunteer Work

March of Dimes (2011-Present)

Autism Speaks (2009-2013)

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (2008-2012)

Leadership & Clubs

Member, Young Democrats, UMW (2013-Present)

Member, Alpha Mu Sigma, UMW (2014-Present)

National Communications Coordinator, UMW, Association of Residence Halls (Spring 2014- Spring 2015)

Vice President, UMW, Association of Residence Halls (Fall 2015- Spring 2016)

President, UMW, Association of Residence Halls (Present-Spring 2017)

Delegate, UMW, Student Government Association (Present-Spring 2017)

Writing Problems

As of today I officially started working on writing my draft for my research paper. Being that I haven’t written a research paper like this  in almost 5 months, it was difficult for me to get started. I always have difficulties getting the thesis and topic paragraph written because I never really know how I want to phrase my ideas until I’ve written the paper itself, which usually means several major edits on the thesis and main ideas of the paper as I work. I also work very well under the pressure of a time crunch, which is something I’ve really trying to break myself of lately. Knowing that I’m going to need to find sources up until I write the final draft of my paper, procrastinating isn’t the best plan to make sure that my paper isn’t a complete mess when I turn it in.

I think that the best way to fix my first problem of getting my paper initially started would be to do an outline or take some kind of notes to get all of my ideas organized. Once I’ve done that, I think my paper will be better focused and have a clear direction for where it needs to go. For the procrastinating, I think working on my paper a little bit at a time, maybe 2 pages a day, would be an easy and effective way for me to not overwork myself and stretch myself so thin that I feel like my paper is a jumbled mess. All problems aside I am really excited to write this paper and clearly illustrate the reasons behind why I find this project so interesting.



Citations are kind of my worst nightmare. During High School, my teachers rarely ever placed any importance on using an actual method to cite sources. Generally, we would just quote the source and credit the author. That being said, when I came to college I found myself using MLA, Chicago, and APA all in my first semester. It was overwhelming to say the least. I had difficulties matching citation style to the right academic area, figuring out how to do citations vs. footnotes, and many, many hours online looking for ways to speed  up the process. After three years of trying to cite sources correctly, I’m starting to get it down pat, but it is by no means an easy process.

That being said, citations are extremely important for a variety of things, but the most important is in avoiding plagiarism. There have been several instances in my own live where not citing things got me reprimanded because I forgot to cite a source after quoting, paraphrasing, etc. It wasn’t something major, thankfully, but it could potentially be a big problem in something like a research paper, or a lit review. Citations give appropriate credit where it is needed and allow the reader to go back and view the source if they have questions or want additional information. Besides, plagiarizing is easily caught and usually a very punishable thing as well, so it makes sense to just learn how to cite and avoid any negative scenarios entirely.

I’ve always questioned the different styles of citation and never understood why there are differences among them. I still to this day don’t fully understand it, and I think I may need it explained to me further. I understand that APA is for the sciences, both social and physical, MLA is for literature, and Chicago is mainly historic, but I don’t know what other distinctions there are and for what reasons. I do know that Chicago is missing a lot of types of sources for citations, such as physical objects, catalogs, and others. This doesn’t seem to make sense to me considering the vast amount of sources that could be considered historical and have no way of being cited because there simply is no way to do so. It makes it more difficult to establish credit for the producer of the work, object, etc, and allows more room for plagiarism to occur.

After all is said and done, I don’t necessarily hate citations, but they are not my favorite thing in the world to do. I see the use behind them, but I also see the lengthy process, lack of options for citing, and limits they present as well. Maybe with time citations will grow on me, but for now they are just a formality.

My Digital Identity

Considering that most people don’t share the same last name as me, I would assume that most, if not all, the search results on Google would be related to me. I think that most of the searches will result in my social media account and past school assignments from high school and college. I don’t know whether Katelynn vs. Katey will turn up different items, but I plan to look for both as well.

When I first Google Katey Matragrano, several images from Facebook and Instagram appear. Following those, I find all of my social media accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Following that, on the next page, I see several projects from Freshman year of college. After that, I see my HIST 297 and HIST 300 blog posts on several different topics and books. There are also a few websites from the clubs I’m in here at school.

When I google Katelynn Matragrano, I see my articles for the Odyssey online and some of my achievements from high school. There isn’t as much because I don’t often go by Katelynn, but there is still about a page and a half of search items.

There isn’t anything I dislike having associated with my name. My social media doesn’t have inappropriate content on it, so I feel like having it come up first when my name is searched is fine. There are quite a few academic sites and pieces of my writing that appear, which may help in the process of interviews and future employers who need samples of my work.